After 18 months of working on modifying these clusters to work in the T4 transporter – I’m now happy to offer them to the community as an upgrade.

Prices are:

£120 for the 1/2 height FIS modified cluster, coded to your van with correct mileage

Please get in tough for full height prices.

£40 for the modified MFA stalk

Original Cluster:

Cluster Swap only:

Cluster Swap with Rings Cut-in:

New 1/2 Height Cluster Lit:

Full Height Cluster:

Bora Sport Cluster :

Information on new cluster:

A couple of things to note:

The Immobiliser:

This cluster has a built in immobiliser, this has been coded out so will not have an impact on your van or bring up the ‘immobiliser active’ warning message.
The T4 immobiliser is separate from the cluster (in fact you can see the immobiliser black box to the left of the cluster when you take your cluster out). Your existing Immobiliser will function 100% as before – it is not touched in anyway.

Got Airbags?

If you have airbags, the airbag light will not work on this cluster, however this will not stop the airbags from working but won’t illuminate if you have an issue with your airbag module.

Door Buzzer:

Some of you will have that annoying buzzer when you leave the lights on or keys in the ignition and the drivers door is opened, unfortunately this cluster doesn’t have that feature. – If you do require this feature, you can follow the attached guide:

Door Buzzer Guide

Cruise Control:

Got cruise control or thinking of adding it in the future? no problem. The cruise control uses the indicator stalk not the wiper stalk so you can have both 🙂 – You’ll also get the snazzy cruise control icon when its engaged.

Engine Temperature Linearisation.

Did you know your temperature gauge sits at 90°C from 74°C – 108°C?

I can modify your new cluster too to give real time engine temperature so you know what’s really going on!

 Matching Mileage.

I will also code in you mileage to match your existing cluster, the data is actually stored in the cluster as KM and converted to Miles, so will be within 5-10 miles of the figure you give me.

I heard the fuel gauge is backwards and faults when full!

You are correct, the fuel sender on these clusters is the opposite to the T4, therefore without modifying the clusters software you would get incorrect readings. I re-program the cluster with the values from the original T4 cluster, so you can be assured of accurate fuel levels.

The fuel level ‘faulting’ has caused me a headache, this has taken months to solve. I have successful manage to re-program the cluster to not fault when full – no more errors.

The Features:

The cluster includes the Half MFA/FIS Screen that displays:


Ambient air temperature,
Miles Per Gallon (MPG) Instantaneous,
Miles Per Gallon (MPG) Trip Average,
Average Speed,
Trip Time,
Trip Distance,
Miles Until Empty

And can also be used on Auto’s:

For this you will need a modified Mk3 Golf MFA wiper stalk. You will still have full function of your rear wiper but with an additional switch that allows you to scroll through the features.

How the stalk works :

As the stalk is modified to allow scrolling in both directions, the switch between ‘1’ & ‘2’ doesn’t do anything. Push the switch a little further either way and you will feel the spring tension as it makes another contact and scrolls through the display options!

The ‘MFA’ button on the end of the stalk switched between modes ‘1’ & ‘2’
Holding the ‘MFA’ button will reset the current mode.

Mode 1 : A short journey trip log. it logs all the above features for a short journey. when the vehicle’s ignition if off for 45mins – 1 hour this log will start again.

Mode 2: Total log since last reset. This mode logs all the above features until the user resets the counters.

And you still keep the functions for the rear wiper too! (You will lose intermittent rear wiper, if you have that option)

Ambient Air Temperature:

You will need to source your own ambient air temperature sensor & clip. They can be found on eBay for £5 or so. I’d suggest checking your local breakers as you maybe able to get the whole wiring loom with the bracket too. – any VW sensor will be fine.

Sensor Part Number : 1J0919379A

Sensor Clip part Number : 1J0973702

Mounting the sensor – The best place to have the sensor is in fresh clean air – ideally the front bumper.

How easy is the cluster it to fit?

For the average DIY’er it should be a simple swap.

You’ll need to remove the steering wheel and undo the plastic trim around the steering column to replace the wiper stalk.

Undo a couple more screws around the cluster ‘insert’ to expose a few more screws. Undo and take out the original cluster. On the back you will find 2 Plugs, Green & Blue, push in the little tab and pull the purple lever up.

You will need to use the T4 original housing for this cluster, so undo the 2 x T10 screws on the back of the cluster and gently un-clip all the way around and separate the housing. I’d suggest trying this on the new cluster first as breaking a clip on the new cluster wont be a problem.

Once both are separate, you will need to add the ‘High Beam’ icon from the new cluster, simply push it out and file down the rear so it fits flush in the T4 housing. You could also cut the original icon from the T4 Gauges and glue in place.

Next you’ll need to wire in 4 wires for the MFA stalk and 2 for the Ambient Air temp, There should be no soldering required and the wires simply push into the existing plug.

Next swap the T4 cluster to the new cluster, plug in the blue and green plugs, pushing the purple lever down, put back the trim and admire your work.

Going one step further and adding the rings is simply a case of pushing them out of the new cluster housing and trimming the T4 housing until they fit nicely.

A more detail guide can be downloaded here:

Housing Swap Guide Housing Swap GuideV1.3

Require Information:

These clusters only work on Can-bus clusters at the moment.

To ensure the new cluster will be compatible in your vehicle, I will need to know the part number of your existing cluster in the format of 7D0 920 903 B. This can be found on the cluster itself or through VCDS / Vag-com – Channel 17 – Instruments

If using Vag-com / VCDS please let me know the softcode too, if not i will need to know if you have the following:

Brake Pad Wear Warning
Seat belt Warning
Washer Fluid Warning
Seatbelt Warnings
ABS / electronic brakes

Manual or Auto gearbox.

Your mileage.

How to Order one!

Please contact me through to make an order.

I can take PayPal or card payments over the phone.


Other Items.

Heater Repair Arms.

A common fault in the T4’s is the heater unit arms snapping. I have been working with a casting company to produce these stronger more reliable arms. – the original Aluminium & Zinc alloy gets brittle with age, these brass arms should out last you and your vehicle.

I can supply high tensile brass heater repair arms for £30 each.

For heater part number 7D1819045L 7D1 819 045 L

To try and reduce costs I have had cheaper arms made. Due to the quality of them i’m not willing to sell them, the brass they used also shrunk by around 1mm so the arm pops out when the cable is under tension! :


Available to purchase through my shop :